Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lucas spins Maddens

Lucas will be DJing at Maddens, a nice little restaurant in downtown Bryan, on Thursdays! Go out for a nice dinner and hear some incredible music. Lounge, jazz, latin, fusion.

About Lucas Naveira
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Grew up in Miami, Fl.
First Cassette: Fat Boys
First Record: Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers - A Night in Tunisia

B.S.Degree in Physics (FSU), currently working on Ph.D in Physics/Quantum Optics (Texas A&M)

“I enjoy playing music for people who are not afraid of listening to something they haven’t heard, but also do my best to please the crowd.”


that's right. i said it.

check out BARACK OBAMA IS YOUR NEW FIXIE (dot com)

he gave me his extra justice ticket.

thanks chris. you always find these little obama things earlier than

hi mom!

New kitchen design by whirlpool. Nice... makes me want to move out of this leaky, misfitted, inefficient house i'm in. soon.

and i'm going to make one of these. read at barnes and noble the other day (some gardening magazine) about getting a box, putting in the soil bags, poking holes in the bottom for drainage, removing the top of the bag, and planting the lettuce seeds directly onto the bag-in-box. seems easy enough.

okay. enough messing around.

transfer music

love taco

make lists

1. 2x6 for bike hanging rack
2. fine sandpaper for debernardi
3. 3 bags soil
4. seeds. lettuce, spinach, etc.
5. spraypaint? lime green.?
6. box for lettuce garden
7. trashcan (finally)
8. stick to fend off gross old men in Home Depot
9. lightbulbs for my inefficiently wired house

Listening to Modeselektor.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London. Spain. Bicycles. Me. Morgan.

wow. my mom has been planning a europe vacation for me and my brother for awhile now, in celebration of us graduating college and highschool. so. i didn't know what she had in mind... turns out she's booking us a cycling tour down the east coast of spain, with stops here and there, about 25miles on average a day between stops. holy mother. i'm so excited!

oh, and a few days to relax/party/eat/drink in london.

i looked up some of the locations we go through and stay at. check these out.



Pubol, the Dali Castle/museum.

Sant Pere Pescador.

Sant Marti.
Natural Park of Emporda.

Castello d'Empuries.

annnd london. so fun.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ready for this to be done.

THIS is a perfect example of why the american government needs to change.

text carnage

haha. article on treehugger today about texting while walking/biking. it's a joke. kind of. maybe.

a beautiful, modern, 300sqft apartment!!! wow. of course, it would look like a madhouse if i brought all my shit in there.

and the "bookseat." efficient.

too many people
too many kids.

"nyc now just one giant birth control pill"


Friday, March 7, 2008

my brother, soccer machine

the eagle put out an article for morgan's soccer profile today. check it out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

mike giant strikes again


wheel discs by mike giant... i need to be this guys friend. somehow. impossible. i've been finding interesting things on barrie bloor's blog lately. worth a glance, for sure.

lucas and peru and my wheels (all deep v velocity NMSW) came in today!!!!!!! pics up soon.

lucas: celeste front 2x, brown rear 3x, black formula high flange hubs, black spokes, alternating black/silver nipples

peru: white front 2x, white rear 3x, silver formula high flange hubs, silver spokes, silver nipples

me!: bright silver front 2x, bright silver rear 3x, silver formula high flange hubs, silver spokes, silver nipples

AAAHHHHHH beautiful.

If you or anyone you know needs deep Vs, ask me where to get them. this guy is reliable, builds them himself, they are AMAZINGly well built, and they are significantly less expensive. plus, he's nice, and throws in extras sometimes (lockrings, plugs inside rims, etc).

apache jump on it

lucas sent this to us this morning via the tricubiculation. funny.

WHEELS CAME IN TODAY. working on locating them. somewhere on campus.

OBAMA is currently winning TX caucus 56-44%, with half the caucuses counted. i hope he cancels out her gains during the primary.

more later. busy. need to write message. need to be productive.