Sunday, October 28, 2007

weekend expansion

this weekend was fun, but somehow made me wish for the following week.

i am so behind in school.

today i lost my wallet, and then found it..among thousands of money hungry jesters and knights. how is that possible- it just baffles me how the whole process panned out. i don't lose shit. i just don't. i'm so fucking and when? i wish i could use sonar on my items i misplace and refind them simply by turning on my sonar sense.

i hope i don't fail this semester. last one. survive.

made stir fry. rice (cloves, cardamom, garlic, fennel, cilantro/chicken bouillon for the broth), tofu (browned in sesame oil and add in a splash of ginger soy sesame dressing from the sushi bar down the street), veggies (red cabbage sauteed with ginger & garlic and the dressing, onions and yellow squash with ginger garlic). it was so good, the after taste was so pleasant... "damm"

tomorrow...monday... i need to renew my inspection sticker. i need to figure out how to change the oil on my car. work all night. need money. poor. too many bills, too many loans.

my weekend has expanded too far. bands, costume parties, stupid southerners not knowing what the fuck a "snow bunny" is... hah. first i typed "snot bunny" which i was. i am also sick now. asldjf;alsdj;aoweica

that's it.

i need to downsize/edit some pictures.

i feel very judged right now. fuck them. talking shit about me- fuck them, i don't deserve that.

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