Monday, February 25, 2008

on treehugger, an article about H&M's fashion against aids campaign! several popular artists (justice, tiga, chicks on speed, scissor sisters, etc) designed t-shirts for them. 100% organic cotton. you cannot go wrong with all those in the combination, and with such a weighted message.

also via TH, the 11 green companies... most green corporations list. interesting. it basically supports the reasons we hate the corporations to begin with; they pollute rivers with chemical dumps, they claim they are changing their ways to more eco-friendly, or the information is downright incorrect. WALMART is on there... i guess their employee treatment, corporate status and the problems toward local business that come from their actions, etc don't matter? figures. the CITY of austin is on their, ha. since it is such a corporation...? i thought this was silly.

they also have a list on portfolio about the 10 worst corporate polluters

it includes FORD, apple, boeing, chevron, etc.

personally, i think the top 11 list sucked. it had a few that were on point, but most were for the wrong reasons, like "promised change." we'll see.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

chair thieves

thumbtack tutorial. on how about orange. something neat that i would never do unless i could make more hours in the day.

but something i do want to do. campus raid. retro chairs. my chair-lover companions, let's go!! it's time. some nice new chairs on furnishyourspace. but i'm interested in oldies...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


so today was the first official Barefoot Music Festival in The Neighborhood. success!!! mostly. except the cops thing and the last band missing out, but from 3pm-7pm, it was wonderful.

right now everyone is out doing the chinese new year dragon project..but i'm too tired. soooo tired. long day- did anthony's tattoo session before the musical afternoon. lots of beer. exhaustion.

some things that are making me happy now.

trip the other weekend to austin. dinner and fun with chris and his family. lucas took pictures of everything. i took pictures of lucas.

music today. ! being around my favorite people, in the place i love.

derek performing.

nice shot lu, thanks!


some tattoos i did recently.

wings will be shades of blue... soon

our neighborhood trip to HALO


our neighborhood has been active lately.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i became a girl for like 10 minutes

i want to wear a dress. it has been awhile. i miss summer.

maybe like these.

maybe like a 50s housewife.
maybe with heels....AAAH!

what has come over me.?

ps i found heels with graffiti.

and a poof-ee petticoat thing, too.


I worked sooo much yesterday! Lots of tattoos. Lots of time. Strange characters, nice people... a great way to start the week. Today was my day off. Spent errand/drawing/fun time with Allan...biking..lots of usual things. Did a frantic cleaning session: Lucas' mom is in town! They rode the tandem bike together. I can only imagine. Lucas says she screamed when they went downhill. So cute.

Tomorrow...... lunch with my mom. Cafe Capri, maybe? mmmmm.

I am about to go to sleep the earliest in months and months. before 1am.

The pictures on 3191 today were very close to home. made me feel comfortable.

Oh, and I wanted to make note of this tree drawing.
I want to start collecting little images here and there of design ideas for a tattoo for Lucas. I'm dying to tattoo him! This is art by Anna Fatovich.

On thisisloveforever, there is a very interesting little thing about "Do," concerning objects with many uses, social issues, etc. you have to go look to understand. what i am most interested is actually on the kesselskramer publishing page itself. Look at the things they have to offer... so exciting! "DO TV" is sold out! where can i find this!? someone! please .. this is such an amazing find. going on a search.

"Do Shirt has dozens of potential applications: picnic blanket, straitjacket, headdress, bridal gown, baby bib, mop, duvet. It is especially recommended to maximum security prisoners, simply knot several Do Shirts together to create a handy rope, allowing you to clamber from your cell and break for freedom."

wow. that makes me really happy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

hippo love

Valentine's Day. quick, go celebrate now, if you remembered you had a significant other this morning!

i think holidays are a fun excuse to have a party/occasion/make shirts, whatever. there is nothing wrong with having a good time on valentine's day, too. but buying your partner expensive things and dating, when you wouldn't even think twice about it a week before, is just silly.

don't be like catholics on easter! love your lover every day!

kind of on topic, here are some interesting food facts about your health. avocados proved amazing, as expected.. mm. i love all the foods listed, which makes me happy. unfortunately for lucas, i think that the "profound effect on the testicles and sexual libido" that PEANUTS have is not the same meaning for him. i think they destroy his heart and lungs. ha. sorry lu. i'm also never feeding you figs again.

This is one of the cutest? things i've ever seen. 100year old tortoise adopts baby hippo... found that one on treehugger. oh wait, actually the hippo claimed the tortoise. evidently it was swept away from its mother, saved by rangers, and then decided the 100yr old male tortoise it was caged with would make a fine mother. someone should make a slow motion film of this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bright silver. nmsw.

i did it. finally. the 2 bicycles issue will be solved very soon! ordered tires/tubes, a good lock (mine sucked), and THESE:

they are for the debernardi. got an incredible deal, the one i have been patiently waiting for. couldn't pass it up.

and here's the lock i got... we did some research into locks, supposedly this is the best affordable lock by far. the "onguard bulldog mini with cable." the one that won first was the kryptonite NYC ulock, but it's like $100. this one is around $25, and won 2nd place in the reviews.

i'm making anti-kanye t-shirts

kanye west has officially moved on from an annoying individual without talent to a disrespectful arrogant piece of shit.

his speech at the grammys. first of all, shut up. music playing. we're sick of listening to your breathing problems, we already had to deal with it in your performance earlier. second, don't throw a little fit, it's unprofessional. 3rd, but most important, did you really just tell amy winehouse that you and her deserved the best album of the year award, BEFORE herbie hancock? do you even know who herbie hancock is? no, probably not. you stupid, disrespectful little bitch. ugh.

here's his speech. a;lsf j;aowslk

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

laziness, owls, carscratchers, and i hate kanye west

this is a lazy post. i'll finish it later. ha.

these were on cycles for heroes. they are "carscratcher bar ends" !! granted, i'm completely against ruining people's shit for fun, but i would love to bust one of these into a redneck asshole's pickup truck while they swerved at me on my way home from work.

and these are for allan. i finished his tattoo today. it's his owl tat. surrounded by flowers. picture soon! (on the other computer)

here's his new OWL tattoo. !!

so happy.

and of course, mike giant is awesome. i like the script in the piece.

and i need more time to fully look at this event. looks very interesting... i'm totally distracted right now by lucas and tina turner. shit. okay so i got that site somewhere off Kitsune Noir, which is also great! today there were these beautiful little citroen cars on there. cute. efficient. why do people buy excursions????? trash. this is all you need.

okay so additionally i would like to rant about kanye west. it will be a new post. here i go. (go back up)!