Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I worked sooo much yesterday! Lots of tattoos. Lots of time. Strange characters, nice people... a great way to start the week. Today was my day off. Spent errand/drawing/fun time with Allan...biking..lots of usual things. Did a frantic cleaning session: Lucas' mom is in town! They rode the tandem bike together. I can only imagine. Lucas says she screamed when they went downhill. So cute.

Tomorrow...... lunch with my mom. Cafe Capri, maybe? mmmmm.

I am about to go to sleep the earliest in months and months. before 1am.

The pictures on 3191 today were very close to home. made me feel comfortable.

Oh, and I wanted to make note of this tree drawing.
I want to start collecting little images here and there of design ideas for a tattoo for Lucas. I'm dying to tattoo him! This is art by Anna Fatovich.

On thisisloveforever, there is a very interesting little thing about "Do," concerning objects with many uses, social issues, etc. you have to go look to understand. what i am most interested is actually on the kesselskramer publishing page itself. Look at the things they have to offer... so exciting! "DO TV" is sold out! where can i find this!? someone! please .. this is such an amazing find. going on a search.

"Do Shirt has dozens of potential applications: picnic blanket, straitjacket, headdress, bridal gown, baby bib, mop, duvet. It is especially recommended to maximum security prisoners, simply knot several Do Shirts together to create a handy rope, allowing you to clamber from your cell and break for freedom."

wow. that makes me really happy.

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