Sunday, February 3, 2008

getting excited. next year. this year!

burningman. coming soon. again. our 2nd year will be much more than the first... it's like drugs.. sometimes better after you know how to mentally prepare and react.

the double rainbow last year was incredible. i was on top of our borrowed car. i had to borrow this picture off flickr because it was so incredible... check out the amazing burningman shots. so many photographers and so many opportunities! and then us:

nice shot, lu. thanks.

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Lucas said...

Just read half of your blog. It was a lot of fun. You should keep this up. I like all the little links on there, and that Obama picture is amazing. You should update a little more on Obama. I think he is kicking some serious ass. I will check out some of the links you have on there, whenever I have more time. Thanks.