Tuesday, February 12, 2008

laziness, owls, carscratchers, and i hate kanye west

this is a lazy post. i'll finish it later. ha.

these were on cycles for heroes. they are "carscratcher bar ends" !! granted, i'm completely against ruining people's shit for fun, but i would love to bust one of these into a redneck asshole's pickup truck while they swerved at me on my way home from work.

and these are for allan. i finished his tattoo today. it's his owl tat. surrounded by flowers. picture soon! (on the other computer)

here's his new OWL tattoo. !!

so happy.

and of course, mike giant is awesome. i like the script in the piece.

and i need more time to fully look at this event. looks very interesting... i'm totally distracted right now by lucas and tina turner. shit. okay so i got that site somewhere off Kitsune Noir, which is also great! today there were these beautiful little citroen cars on there. cute. efficient. why do people buy excursions????? trash. this is all you need.

okay so additionally i would like to rant about kanye west. it will be a new post. here i go. (go back up)!

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