Thursday, February 14, 2008

hippo love

Valentine's Day. quick, go celebrate now, if you remembered you had a significant other this morning!

i think holidays are a fun excuse to have a party/occasion/make shirts, whatever. there is nothing wrong with having a good time on valentine's day, too. but buying your partner expensive things and dating, when you wouldn't even think twice about it a week before, is just silly.

don't be like catholics on easter! love your lover every day!

kind of on topic, here are some interesting food facts about your health. avocados proved amazing, as expected.. mm. i love all the foods listed, which makes me happy. unfortunately for lucas, i think that the "profound effect on the testicles and sexual libido" that PEANUTS have is not the same meaning for him. i think they destroy his heart and lungs. ha. sorry lu. i'm also never feeding you figs again.

This is one of the cutest? things i've ever seen. 100year old tortoise adopts baby hippo... found that one on treehugger. oh wait, actually the hippo claimed the tortoise. evidently it was swept away from its mother, saved by rangers, and then decided the 100yr old male tortoise it was caged with would make a fine mother. someone should make a slow motion film of this.

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