Thursday, November 27, 2008

where the hell is matt dot com

never seen or heard of this before, but watch the video..... really nice!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i have an etsy shop

it's not very big. it's growing i guess. it's my first time using etsy from a selling point of view, and it seems like your stuff would just get lost in the mix of things. there are like 10 million people selling things on there.

anyone had any luck? i haven't yet in my 2 days with items up. patience... and making more things. stuff to keep me busy while i'm having slow times at the tattoo shop.

but yeah, check it out and buy stuff from it. ha. really! i will be adding stuff frequently, and it's all VERY moderately priced.

in the market for...

a new drawing/drafting/crafting whatever table.

something with drawers attached, or nothing at all (no little clip attached sections... those are crappy and fall off).

this one would be perfect, so i could have my laptop on the side.

has anyone seen/used this one before? Safco brand again? oh wait... it's just for the top of it.

let me know if you see anything good.........

Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas list.

i feel like... i wish i had more business at work. i'm stressed out about things like... rent. and trying to save money for more rent while lucas and i are in argentina. i knew it would be rough, but how was i to predict the amount of damage reckless wealthy individuals and companies would cause? deregulation......what a scary word. see what happens when there isn't ENOUGH regulation?

i'm looking forward to the day when i can say that i do not live week by week on my pay. and i'm doing pretty well.. i think. i mean, i think i manage just fine. i eat every day, and by careful calculations, live very comfortably!

then i think about people who have $800 electricity bills, and people that spend more money on things like clothing than i make in a month. people that give their children lexus SUVs for their birthday. that's sickening... all i want is to have a few "grown up" things like maybe new towels and a semi-consistent not-crappy silverware drawer.

so, i'm going to go into a pretend magical world right now and make an unrealistic christmas list. things that i would LOVE to have, but would expect anyone to actually buy them. some of them aren't expensive i guess, i just won't ask for stuff. i just want to dream about it and look at pretty pictures, because that gives me a lot of happiness in itself.

THULE roof rack for my MINI! please!

i need a new coat, a quality and warm one.

i'd love some boots. not that i need them in tx.

had no luck in thrift stores with my size wingtips or oxfords.

these are really nice.

someone please organize my art stuff.

and my art area.

cutie tables.

a nice armchair to replace my lawnchair furniture.

a beautiful and useful kitchen.

oriental shorthair kitties!

a nice little house in North Park or Normal Heights or Hillcrest. San Diego.

with a back yard/porch.


hat that actually fits.

a t@b (or similar) camper!! burningman solved!

knog panniers... for real.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so tired of here.

today we got some interesting news from the physics dept. it's his project/degree/etc, so i won't go into it very much...but the details make me livid.

the physics department... every time someone i know talks about their masters/phD program here at aTm, i'm disgusted with everything. they are unorganized. they use their students for labor, with threats to cut their funding. they expect ridiculous hours. being involved in anything else? Out of the question. then they tell you that you don't have the background in your field that they are looking for....but they have no way to provide it for you. how are you supposed to learn anything or keep a job that way? your race DOES matter. so do your glasses, and your haircut, and you will be told that outright. you've been here for 10 years and you're almost done with your thesis? oh sorry, we've brought in someone new and we're not going to give you your PhD. your experiment isn't doing well? looks like another 10 years of labor. you have kids? too bad, you won't get home until 3am EVERY DAY.

it makes me not want to go back to grad school. why would anyone want to go through that? the TAMU physics department is the model of exactly what i would NEVER sign up for. too bad none of the incoming grad student have any clue of that. additionally, the foreign students have to deal with so much aggression from the white redneck undergraduates and locals that they live in fear of biking to the university and back every day.

now, all the wonderful things i've experienced here aside(the neighborhood, lucas, my friends, biking, the wheelers, art guild, aTm club soccer, the awesome political science dept, poking you tattoo and my job, the long road trip to burningman each summer...).. those mostly uniquely created experiences aside... college station texas/TAMU is probably one of the absolutely worst places i have EVER found myself in. the city culture provides close to nothing, if not causing backwards momentum against any sort of progressive or even slightly different culture. we have to create things like the art guild, the wheelers and the neighborhood for our own sanity, and just hope that someone similar to us will continue the trend for THEIR own sanity. i have to say, we started from scratch and it was tough. i wonder who will come after us? hopefully we've made enough of an impact for others to follow with a little bit of leftover direction. but college station will never change.

it's a town founded on tradition, racism/sexism, religion and bigotry. it absolutely disgusts me.

i am very thankful for those trying to make it a better place for moderates and progressive types of culture to simply survive. model individuals like the members of The Neighborhood, all those creating the art culture center in downtown Bryan, Rola and Revolution, Dr. Crompton at TAMU and in the city council, Andrew Pitts and his work with the community, Maroon Bike Project, Barbara Moore in the neighborhood department in the city... sensible and kind cops like Officer Fleeger and the bicycle cops who don't simply give foreign students tickets for not having lights, but are the first ones to the scene when there are drunken fights behind northgate. all the professors who stick it out among students, on the DAY of the election, still think Obama is "not black, but muslim."

i've learned so much here that it makes my brain hurt. it's time to learn in ways that aren't quite as painful. my friends and i deserve better.... it's been too many years here. good luck to the rest of you. get out, there are abundant opportunities for you in places in the world that WANT your input, and where your creativity can be used to its FULL potential.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


mobile. going to make this tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


EXCITING! for the first time in the last 8 years, I have cried out of HAPPINESS during the election. I remember 4 years ago, when Bush got his 2nd term. I was laying on the couch crying until around 3am, hoping maybe it was all a fuck-up and it would be retracted somehow. Those days are over, at least for a few years.

Obama Obama Obama! By campaigning in not only classically democratic states, but republican states also, he has successfully won the trust of areas untouched for YEARS by the color blue.

Obama took Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, West Virginia, and New Mexico.

I tattooed for like 8 hours straight, trying to check online in between, but everyone in the shop kept updating me with the electoral vote count. Around 10pm, we SHUT DOWN the shop and all took off to celebrate! What a great bike ride home from work... Phone calls to my family, close friends, and the thought that riding my bike was a concept that my president SUPPORTS. Maybe in the near future, the bicycle commuter act will have more support and standing!

okay. we could all go on and on. on every topic. but i'm tired now. some photos.