Wednesday, November 5, 2008


EXCITING! for the first time in the last 8 years, I have cried out of HAPPINESS during the election. I remember 4 years ago, when Bush got his 2nd term. I was laying on the couch crying until around 3am, hoping maybe it was all a fuck-up and it would be retracted somehow. Those days are over, at least for a few years.

Obama Obama Obama! By campaigning in not only classically democratic states, but republican states also, he has successfully won the trust of areas untouched for YEARS by the color blue.

Obama took Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, West Virginia, and New Mexico.

I tattooed for like 8 hours straight, trying to check online in between, but everyone in the shop kept updating me with the electoral vote count. Around 10pm, we SHUT DOWN the shop and all took off to celebrate! What a great bike ride home from work... Phone calls to my family, close friends, and the thought that riding my bike was a concept that my president SUPPORTS. Maybe in the near future, the bicycle commuter act will have more support and standing!

okay. we could all go on and on. on every topic. but i'm tired now. some photos.

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