Friday, July 4, 2008

i can cope

some videos that i can't get enough of. some are old, i know. these all remind me of burningman in some weird way.

this always makes my stomach turn..but i love it. simian mobile disco- hustler


this video never fails to give me many many mixed feelings of confusion and grossness. good job peaches, that's what you are made to do.

big happy

i'm getting really excited. august. almost here.

down to 3 of us, and for the better. costume making, shade structure designing, and bicycle decorating.

we're making BRC spokecards as gifts, and capes...

taco and izzy are going to have to keep each other company for a couple weeks. right now they're tearing it up around the house, bouncing off the walls going crazy. i'm so glad taco won't be alone. last year he was with lady the whole time....... and she ate all the food and shat like 1000 times. sorry taco!

i'm a little concerned with finding our neighbors the first day, the cooney's, but our camp is going to be awesome! i hope. bigger, better, more prepared.

today we biked to the store and got cape fabric and costume ideas are beginning to flow.

time to go sew a little.

bike almost done.

moderation. censorship. bias.

so............ i made this blog for myself and my friends to enjoy............ not for redneck "anonymous" posts supporting things i hate. that is not what this blog is for. it is for interesting notes, entertainment, sharing...

maybe "anonymous" is someone i know, and they are just too spineless to write their name. or, it's truly someone random who came upon my blog who knows why.

regardless, when i go to add things to this blog, the last thing i want is for something to piss me off.

so, i deleted your comment, anonymous, and i'm moderating them from now on. yes, it's biased. why? because it's my work.

that's all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

texas gun toters

so... don't sneak out your girlfriend's window or anything if you live in texas, because the neighbor can shoot you in the back and get away with it.

this is crazy. not that the "burglars" are in the right (if they were actually stealing, which the article neglects to mention), but holy shit. you can't just shoot someone in the back and kill them for crawling out of your neighbor's house.

this shouldn't be about race, but that's probably part of it. the 2 dead were illegal columbian immigrants.

check it out. i hate everyone right now.