Sunday, April 27, 2008


i want to move. here.

cool designs. on oh joy! ikea on wheels.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Neighborhood in the News

So lately many neighbors and Neighborhood affiliated events/groups/people have been in the local A&M school paper. I organized all the articles for easy referencing.

Maroon Bike Project: Free Ride

Poking You Tattoo: Tattoo Renaissance

Bill Erickson in TAMU news: Democratize Through Conference

Morgan in The Eagle: Soccer

The Neighborhood 2 (vid):

The Neighborhood 1: Supplies Encroach Neighborhood

Monday, April 21, 2008


on boingboing, these awesome knife hook coat hangers!

Monday, April 14, 2008


so i actually did my taxes. after all the money i spent on supplies, school expenses, and bicycle parts, i had less than $1000 of taxable income. but, i had to pay a mandatory $860 in "self-employment taxes," leaving me at a whopping $24 left in the end. better than 0, i guess.

i want to look at these later, but i'm at work and i need to do paul's drawing. van gogh tattoo. forearm. going down: tomorrow!

1. The Mask Slips NYtimes article
2. Mini Landscape garden! this looks amazing. it'd be cool to make a less cheesy looking one.

some pictures soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


thousands in taxes. thousands in rent, car, school, bills, and insurance. end up with ...$0. well, tips, which allowed me to eat and buy bicycle parts. interesting how this country works.

this next month will be rough. and so will next.. and then..... summertime. slow season. awesome- maybe i should sell drugs?


and then, designer gas masks with diamonds on DVICE.

and a few more things that should make anyone sick to their stomach. if people cannot afford to feed themselves or their families, these things should be illegal.

this ipod:

this gold/platinum/diamond studded bottle of tequila:

this diamond-studded tea bag.

going crazy

Monday, April 7, 2008

tv tattoo healing

from rock! paper! scissors! a sticker. i'm going to look into their site a little more now, but the sticker caught my eye.

okay, so about the rps collective:

i want to move so bad. i look up the san diego craigslist every week and look at the cute little houses in downtown. i have to be patient........ in waiting, saving money, work, and life in general. so impatient!

thinking about whiting out my walls, and leaving 1 or 2 with color. (leaving bedroom of course). want to use more colorful decorative art rather than colorful walls. maybe not. i just need a change i think, and a new big project.

gardens outside are looking so nice! derek and carrie are learning a lot about the trials and errors of gardening in texas. i'm growing tomatoes upside down as an experiment (i can't keep them growing upwards, so we'll try this instead). so far they are happy. and my wildflowers are blooming! which means i need to plant them around the neighborhood soon.

okay. some inspiring photos of where i would like to be right now.

nice self-watering pots on Grobal: (photo from freshlyblended):

a great pixelized couch by cristian zuzunaga. for lucas.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm on call

It's been slow at work. all the aggies are preparing for chili fest this weekend... spending money on alcohol, shitty old couches, and ground beef.

so, lucas and i spent the afternoon together and went to barnes and noble to read some magazines.

got ideas, lists of bands, and found this great new magazine called "Amelia's Magazine."

check out the blog.