Monday, April 7, 2008

tv tattoo healing

from rock! paper! scissors! a sticker. i'm going to look into their site a little more now, but the sticker caught my eye.

okay, so about the rps collective:

i want to move so bad. i look up the san diego craigslist every week and look at the cute little houses in downtown. i have to be patient........ in waiting, saving money, work, and life in general. so impatient!

thinking about whiting out my walls, and leaving 1 or 2 with color. (leaving bedroom of course). want to use more colorful decorative art rather than colorful walls. maybe not. i just need a change i think, and a new big project.

gardens outside are looking so nice! derek and carrie are learning a lot about the trials and errors of gardening in texas. i'm growing tomatoes upside down as an experiment (i can't keep them growing upwards, so we'll try this instead). so far they are happy. and my wildflowers are blooming! which means i need to plant them around the neighborhood soon.

okay. some inspiring photos of where i would like to be right now.

nice self-watering pots on Grobal: (photo from freshlyblended):

a great pixelized couch by cristian zuzunaga. for lucas.


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

I saw that bike,craft,sew,love sticker on sweet sassafras and thought of you. funny!