Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas list.

i feel like... i wish i had more business at work. i'm stressed out about things like... rent. and trying to save money for more rent while lucas and i are in argentina. i knew it would be rough, but how was i to predict the amount of damage reckless wealthy individuals and companies would cause? deregulation......what a scary word. see what happens when there isn't ENOUGH regulation?

i'm looking forward to the day when i can say that i do not live week by week on my pay. and i'm doing pretty well.. i think. i mean, i think i manage just fine. i eat every day, and by careful calculations, live very comfortably!

then i think about people who have $800 electricity bills, and people that spend more money on things like clothing than i make in a month. people that give their children lexus SUVs for their birthday. that's sickening... all i want is to have a few "grown up" things like maybe new towels and a semi-consistent not-crappy silverware drawer.

so, i'm going to go into a pretend magical world right now and make an unrealistic christmas list. things that i would LOVE to have, but would expect anyone to actually buy them. some of them aren't expensive i guess, i just won't ask for stuff. i just want to dream about it and look at pretty pictures, because that gives me a lot of happiness in itself.

THULE roof rack for my MINI! please!

i need a new coat, a quality and warm one.

i'd love some boots. not that i need them in tx.

had no luck in thrift stores with my size wingtips or oxfords.

these are really nice.

someone please organize my art stuff.

and my art area.

cutie tables.

a nice armchair to replace my lawnchair furniture.

a beautiful and useful kitchen.

oriental shorthair kitties!

a nice little house in North Park or Normal Heights or Hillcrest. San Diego.

with a back yard/porch.


hat that actually fits.

a t@b (or similar) camper!! burningman solved!

knog panniers... for real.

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