Monday, February 11, 2008

i'd rather read playboy than go to bonnaroo 2008.

so daft punk, the shins, hot chip, duran duran, and gogol bordello posed for playboy's sex and music magazine. and there were t-shirt designs for additional artists such as the pipettes and new young pony club.

sorry..anything with those stupid playboy bunnies looks super trashy to me. can't get over the symbolism. also, wtf were the shins thinking, since marty crandall and his girl elyse sewell just got arrested for beating on each other? i guess the charges were dismissed, but still, i would lay low for a bit.

that sounded like a lot of complaining, but i really just wanted to see the photos... but i'm not going to buy a playboy! ha. the article just teased me.

soooo, the bonnaroo lineup headliner list is absolutely a fucking joke. pearl jam, metallica, jack johnson, and kanye west. FUCK that. it's going to be super douche-tool-bro-land to the max. this is a step even lower than the year that tom petty and tool headlined. wtf. i guess after the year of RADIOHEAD, they just gave up! i predicted a failure to impress after 2006's lineup, but they have outdone themselves.

on a nicer note, there are some great artists there, as usual. sigur ros, death cab, iron and wine, ben folds, talib kweli, gogol bordello, broken social scene, MIA, ozomatli, !!!, the fiery furnaces, ghostland observatory, black kids, bb king, ladytron.. so if you go, you will probably have a great time. just bring earplugs for the night-time headliners' shows.

oh, and MGMT looks interesting, anyone heard anything of them?

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