Monday, February 4, 2008


unbelievable.. i just read a health article in the NYtimes online discussing a "medical mystery in minnesota." it describes, very nonchalantly, about how union workers in a hormel pig butchering factory get nerve damage from being splattered with vaporized pig brains. every day. the story is enlightening and interesting, despite how gross it all sounds, but what i found most interesting is how calm and matter-of-fact the writer was throughout the article. gross.

on a slightly less gross, but much scarier note, read this article. FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping.

wow, the news today was really uplifting.

meanwhile, i'm still nervous for obama. realistically, we just need the republican dickheads out. but ideally, OBAMA is the man, and he's running, and he's i'll still be super frustrated if for some dumb reason he doesn't win. hillary...good politician. but she's a bitch, and has too many enemies. don't feel like ranting about this anymore today, i'm too anxious.

tomorrow is super tuesday.

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