Saturday, February 23, 2008


so today was the first official Barefoot Music Festival in The Neighborhood. success!!! mostly. except the cops thing and the last band missing out, but from 3pm-7pm, it was wonderful.

right now everyone is out doing the chinese new year dragon project..but i'm too tired. soooo tired. long day- did anthony's tattoo session before the musical afternoon. lots of beer. exhaustion.

some things that are making me happy now.

trip the other weekend to austin. dinner and fun with chris and his family. lucas took pictures of everything. i took pictures of lucas.

music today. ! being around my favorite people, in the place i love.

derek performing.

nice shot lu, thanks!


some tattoos i did recently.

wings will be shades of blue... soon

our neighborhood trip to HALO


our neighborhood has been active lately.


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