Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i haven't added anything in a couple weeks....busy time. everyone got their tax rebates and spent the money on tattoos, which is great for me. hopefully, that will keep our shop busy through the "slow summer" season.

getting excited about spain! more pictures of where i'll be...

got a new kitten! i had a dream i found a black kitten, and as lucas and i biked across campus, someone was offering free black kittens! her name is izzy, she is in the way of everything, and she terrorizes taco. right now she's all in my computer cables and mouse area, knocking things off the desk.

and, lucas and i are about to buy our argentina tickets for december/january. scary... drops my money savings to $0, and i have to save up again for burningman, spain, and those 2 paychecks that i'll miss. work time. but it will be worth it- i am the only one who hasn't been to argentina to see his family in the last 3 years, so it's time. buenos aires!!

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Cody Marx Bailey said...

And by Argentina you mean Cuba right?