Monday, October 27, 2008

When Palin gets annoyed, her brain stops working entirely.

ha............................ is this real? if you're supporting this woman in any way, in all seriousness, you should be ashamed of yourself. voting for a washed out pushover old man is supporting her bid for the presidency. please reevaluate your decision, it is very important.

Palin was annoyed by Couric's questions on the CBS interview... That's why her flustered responses made absolutely no sense, and she showed absolutely no knowledge regarding very heavy US current events.


if you need a refresher, here is a video of the interview.

other interesting articles that never cease to amaze me:

palin's makeup girl gets $22,300 paycheck (2weeks). this is relevant in terms of how poorly their budget is distributed, considering their political advisors get around $12000 each 2 weeks. Her hairdresser gets about the same as the political advisors, if not more. this is also important news in regard to how their paychecks are reported- as "personnel svc/equipment" and "communications consulting." palin has a record of using taxpayer's money for her own use (the police jet in alaska), using her position of power for personal gain (troopergate, using the local alaskan police jet for personal travel), not regarding what she is told to do by her own party/advisors (using alaskan tax money for flying/hotels for her children at campaign events they are not invited to, speaking to the press when advised not to). the list goes on!

the republican national commitee spends $150,000 "outfitting" Palin and her family... I could LIVE on that amount of money for more than a few YEARS. her makeup artist's single paycheck could pay off my college debt!!!!!!! disgusting.

and, palin left her small town of wasilla, alaska more than $20 million in long-term debt after her time in office as mayor. she was known as the "ear-mark queen."

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