Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vela Creations

This has got to be one of the most inspiring things i've seen in awhile. while there are smaller scale things you can do in large numbers as a renter to lessen your impacts on "the grid" (environmentally speaking), this couple has taken this to an "extreme" by going to a simple lifestyle "off the grid."

they built their own house, and are now building their 2nd, by hand from simple materials. gardens, of course, a roof that channels rainwater to save for months in tanks, chickens, and a an awesome method of potty training their baby to minimize diaper and water waste.

they've also blogged most of their progress in their life projects, thanks to today's technology, so you can see their photos on flickr and read about their creations on their website.

in my near future, of "owning" or building a house of my own, i am dying to incorporate projects such as these (wind turbine, solar power, rainwater collecting for garden use, etc). these people are an example of how simple life could be.

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