Thursday, March 20, 2008

hi mom!

New kitchen design by whirlpool. Nice... makes me want to move out of this leaky, misfitted, inefficient house i'm in. soon.

and i'm going to make one of these. read at barnes and noble the other day (some gardening magazine) about getting a box, putting in the soil bags, poking holes in the bottom for drainage, removing the top of the bag, and planting the lettuce seeds directly onto the bag-in-box. seems easy enough.

okay. enough messing around.

transfer music

love taco

make lists

1. 2x6 for bike hanging rack
2. fine sandpaper for debernardi
3. 3 bags soil
4. seeds. lettuce, spinach, etc.
5. spraypaint? lime green.?
6. box for lettuce garden
7. trashcan (finally)
8. stick to fend off gross old men in Home Depot
9. lightbulbs for my inefficiently wired house

Listening to Modeselektor.

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