Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London. Spain. Bicycles. Me. Morgan.

wow. my mom has been planning a europe vacation for me and my brother for awhile now, in celebration of us graduating college and highschool. so. i didn't know what she had in mind... turns out she's booking us a cycling tour down the east coast of spain, with stops here and there, about 25miles on average a day between stops. holy mother. i'm so excited!

oh, and a few days to relax/party/eat/drink in london.

i looked up some of the locations we go through and stay at. check these out.



Pubol, the Dali Castle/museum.

Sant Pere Pescador.

Sant Marti.
Natural Park of Emporda.

Castello d'Empuries.

annnd london. so fun.

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Bryon McDonald said...

Dude, that is SO COOL! What a mom. I've always wanted to see Spain and London.