Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hurricane ike

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well, college station didn't exactly get much of the expected 70mph winds from hurricane ike... a few power outages, broken branches, and some rain was about all. we stayed up til 4am (when the first rain hit), waiting on a roof (smart, i know), but a very anticlimactic ending it was for us. luckily.

there are 1000s of people in college station, either transferring from aTm galveston, or just waiting for their power to return in houston or the surrounding area.

the house in the photo- which stands alone on the Bolivar Peninsula- is thought to be one of the experimental "hurricane proof" houses built in the area. click on the photos for larger images.

here are some images of where the storm did its damage... the galveston area is completely devastated.

to see specific areas to check on homes/neighborhoods, look at the noaa website of flyover images on hurricane damage areas (including houston). you can really see the broader spectrum of the coast that way. just click the little squares and then zoom in on the images.

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