Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mike Brodie aka The Polaroid Kidd

So, periodically looking at the polaroid kidd's website ( was something worth anyone's time, until the site suddenly disappeared.

mike brodie, born 1985, took a series of photos on the railways of runaways, homeless people, squatters, etc. which is incredibly intriguing...

Here are a few of his photo collection, in an exhibition in LA. And here is an interview on Mike Giant's site, fecal face. Oh, and more on fecal face, a great collection of Mike Brodie's photos.

The guy in the middle here is mike brodie, at his final show apparently.

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Anonymous said...

pj had a skateboard magazine, photographs edition, with a photo or two from the polaroid kid.
i meant to tell somebody (you) that, because pj doesnt know the polaroid kid..
maybe it was like big brother photograph edition.. i cant remember which mag.